30 Minutes of Knowledge

When I began my internship at Sundog I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would people actually sit down and talk with me? Could I work on projects with the company? Can I wear jeans to work? I soon learned the answer to all three of these questions was YES!

As excited as I was about being the Social Media and Creative Writing intern at Sundog I had a case of the nerves that I just couldn’t shake. More than anything I was nervous to ask questions and to introduce myself to people.

This would happen, the girl who is learning about all forms of social interactions would be the nervous one…typical.

Finally I got the nerve to write an email filled with questions to our social media expert, Alyssa. Well lucky for me, Alyssa would be taking a trip from Minneapolis to our Fargo office that week. Nervously, I scheduled a quick meeting with hopes of gaining some insight to social media.

This was the smartest decision I have made yet! Alyssa made sure every single question I had for her was answered! She told me about books and blogs to read, as well as people to follow on Twitter. Then she did something I didn’t expect; Alyssa asked me about what I wanted to see happen with social media at Sundog.

In an instant all nerves were gone and I broke out of my shell. I babbled endlessly about my ideas and felt so privileged to have Alyssa give me some input to how I could make these ideas happen. It sparked a new curiosity and passion about social media.

It’s amazing what you can learn when you set aside 30 minutes to ask a few questions.

Hannah Savoy

Social Media and Creative Writing Intern