7 Reasons I am Happy to be a Sundogger

by Morgan Weiler


Week 1: We interns are the fresh faces who are overdressed, overwhelmed, and entirely over-excited to be here. We are the ones riding the Scheel’s ferris wheel and loving every second of it. We are the ones taking full advantage of the free Starbucks and making sure no one is looking when we take our 5th gumball of the day. We are the ones taking selfies in the mirror on the ceiling of the elevator and getting off at the wrong floor (constantly). We are the ones getting locked in the stairwell and the ones asking a million and two questions.

Week 2: We are already deemed Sundoggers.


It did not take long to become a Sundogger nor did the welcome committee (everyone) take too long to incorporate us into the work life, as well as include us in different projects, tasks, and lunch runs.

Because of this, I have 7 reasons (as of now) why I am happy to be called a Sundogger.


1. People seem to share my love for Harry Potter.

From coffee mugs to tattoos (looking at you Katie), people seem to love my scar-bearing friend, Harry, and fully embrace the Muggle statuses we were unfortunately given. We all are still waiting for our letter from Hogwarts.


2. Do What You Love, Love What You Do


One of Sundog’s mottos and also one of the quotes I have on my wall. Coincidence? I think not. Here at Sundog, people seem to genuinely love what they are doing. I have seen actual smiles, people.


3. I’m Walking On Sunshine Whoaaa


Sundog has the sun logo everywhere from the wall to my coffee cup and when you live in North Dakota, a little sunshine will brighten anyone’s day.


4. Social Media is my Liiiiiife (Chipotle vine, anyone?)


Prior to becoming the Social Media Intern, I was already obsessed with Instagram, Twitter, you name it. I’ve been hashtagging since ‘95. Yes, I am a youngster.


5. Happy Butt, Happy Mind


The chairs at Sundog are enticing and comfy; what more could you ask for? With all the cozy areas the office has to offer, tapping into creative outlets becomes a whole lot easier.


6. Undiscovered Talents


Thus far, I have learned that I can carry my Corporate Cup team on my back during laser tag (just kidding total team effort). Which leads me to….


7. Go Team!


The fact that I am not entirely athletic by any means (we’re talking Mathlete), means I haven’t had the opportunity to be on a lot of teams in my life and engage in team bonding. Here at Sundog, I get the chance to be part of a group of people working towards one goal, and so far, I am loving every second.

First Sundog Blog


Stay tuned & stay sunny