A Fork in the Road

This last summer when I started this internship I had high aspirations to become a software engineer. In school I really enjoyed the base level programming classes. Math and problem solving have always been my strong suit so naturally programming jumped out to me as something I enjoyed.

At the start of my internship I was immediately diving into some cool projects with Craig and Terry. I was able to learn about a few of the different Salesforce APIs through a project involving a plugin for Eclipse. Beyond that I worked on some cool projects with Google Glass and some web apps. It was great to have the opportunity to work with such a new and innovative device that the majority of people haven’t even seen, yet alone have access to one.  I really appreciate all the help Craig and Terry both provided me along the way.

With that said, the more I did software development the more I realized it was something I liked as a hobby, not as a career. I was kind of frustrated with myself for realizing that, because I was about to switch gears on what I had gone to school for. Fortunately, Sundog has been very accommodating in helping me go after my interests and pursue some different possibilities.

I was able to chat with Greg about the Business Analyst position and shortly after I started shadowing Jon and Greg. I found out quickly that their role had more client interaction, which I like, and it also aligned better with my interests.  So as of late, I have been working with Jon on his current project.

It has been interesting to learn about user stories and how they are applied to projects and to dive deeper into Salesforce. I have been able to work through a few user stories myself that Jon gave me, which have shown me how validation and workflow rules function in Salesforce.  Going forward, I may even look into the Salesforce certifications and see if I want to pursue them while I finish my internship.

In short, I believe making the change from the software engineering internship to more of a business analyst/tech internship was the right move for me.  I really appreciate that Sundog is willing to help me pursue my interests rather than stick me with what I was hired as. I look forward to working more with Jon and learning from his experience as a Business Analyst.

Mike Mulvaney

Tech Intern