Best Mistake.

During our internship we are encouraged to take out employees for something we call Lunch N’ Learns. These are times for us to ask questions about anything so we can learn more about this industry. Lately, I have found a new favorite question to ask: What is the best mistake you have ever made?

This question has opened up stories from people about not being prepared, being fired to find a new door was opened, posting something that taught a very good lesson, and how they stumbled into this industry.

So employees of Sundog this is my warning to you. Start thinking about these past mistakes how they have made an impact on your life, because this question is coming your way sooner than later! If you haven’t been emailed about a Lunch N’ Learn chances are you will get one pretty darn soon.

As it turns out, my best mistake helped me get this internship. During my time at a 4-year college, I managed to change my major 7 times. Without that I would have never met the professors who encouraged me to explore this industry, and basically force me to apply for this internship. My best mistake has now turned into an experience I will never forget. It really is amazing what can happen when you screw up and roll with the punches. So, what has your best mistake done for you?

Hannah Savoy

Social Media and Creative Writing Intern