Call Me Heidi Jr.

I know this is cliché, but it really does hold true: Boy, does time fly when you’re having fun. While each passing day brings me closer to studying abroad in Europe, it also brings me closer to having to leave Sundog. It is such a bittersweet experience, but hopefully I’ll be back.

Last week I was busy with meetings and working on some top-secret projects for the company party, but my highlight of the week came from a little lunch date with Heidi. For the first time, I had the opportunity to see what she really does on a daily basis. I have only been exposed to one part of her work—and a very minor part at that. Her job isn’t just about mentoring a little social media intern; it’s so much more than that. How she finds enough time in a day to get everything done is beyond me.

I haven’t been shy about my struggle in finding my niche, but throughout the process there has been one constant need – variety. I have always been one to get bored quickly when doing repetitive actions all the time. My brain goes a million miles a minute and I like it that way. Keeping busy is a must for me.

Through talking with Heidi, I saw a glimpse of the variety that I need in a job. She explained her involvement with branding, events, social, ­­­­press and really anything Sundog related. She comes up with inexpensive, yet memorable ways to promote Sundog, makes sure our branding is consistent, writes and gets the inside scoop on almost everything  – yeah, sign me up! To top it off she’s able to work on projects that give back to education, which I am definitely all about.

I think I’ve finally found something that fits, which is the most valuable takeaway I could have from an internship. So who knows, maybe one day I will become a little Heidi Jr. running around the Sundog office—one can only hope.

– Dani