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October 18, 2017

Get Involved

By Tony Roetzel

Get Involved College is new, exciting, difficult, and full of lessons. One of the things five years of college has taught me is the importance of balancing work and pleasure. Roughly six weeks into the semester we are hitting that halfway point, midterms. A time where everything seems to start piling up at once. A […] Read More...

October 26, 2016

Einstein is Alive?!?!

By Katelyn Brockhaus

You know how conspiracy theorists are. They always think people who are dead actually aren’t. Well, as much as I would like to say Albert Einstein is really alive, he isn’t. If he was, he would be almost 140 years old and that would be very impressive – scary, but impressive. Unfortunately, for you conspiracy […] Read More...

Big data – I’ve read more about big data in the last week than I have in my entire life. I often find myself asking, “What is big data? Why is it different from regular data?” Clearly it’s a large amount of data; hence the use of the word “big,” but that definition feels a […] Read More...

March 6, 2014

A Fork in the Road

This last summer when I started this internship I had high aspirations to become a software engineer. In school I really enjoyed the base level programming classes. Math and problem solving have always been my strong suit so naturally programming jumped out to me as something I enjoyed. At the start of my internship I […] Read More...

March 4, 2014

#ReadyToLaunch Analysis

Executive Summary #ReadyToLaunch was used to group conversation around Sundog’s 2014 company party held in Minneapolis. To measure and analyze the conversation surrounding the event and the success of the hashtag, I used analytic tools including Radian6 (a social listening tool), Statigram (Instagram’s analytic tool) and Facebook Insights. The hashtag saw its biggest success on […] Read More...

Super Bowl XLVIII Twitter Analysis from kellyfalk Super Bowl XLVIII Twitter marketing analytics, brand interactions and stunts featuring JC Penney and Esurance. -Kelly Insight Analyst Intern (Source: Read More...

February 1, 2013

Pinterest Analytic Tools

After crazy weeks of working on projects for the Holiday Gift or company party, I was finally able to catch my breath and pull some things off of the back burner where they’ve been simmering since this fall. Luckily, social content just fell in my lap and there wasn’t a need for me to get […] Read More...

November 2, 2012

Really? The Links Say What?!

Thanks to a tip we received on Twitter, we discovered that the anchor text of a not-insignificant amount of our backlinks contained, shall we say, some not-safe-for-work terms. First, a little background. Backlinks are one of the major ways that Google knows how close to the top your website should appear on the Search Engine […] Read More...

This week consisted of me running around like a crazy person. (Hello, A.D.D.!) My brain has been bolting in a million directions at once (even more than usual) and I find myself working on bits of projects here and there rather than finishing tasks one at a time—no wonder my to-do list hasn’t gotten any […] Read More...

July 27, 2012

Finally Settling In

I had a nice variety of smaller projects this week to keep me busy, as well as some “sponge time” (not to be confused with “SpongeBob time”) to absorb some industry news and information. The Sundiggers volleyball team had a makeup week to account for one where we were rained out, and I finally decorated […] Read More...

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