by Josie Perhus

For as long as I’ve known about Sundog, I’ve known of Sundog’s impressive company culture. It is well-known throughout the community, and was a huge factor for me in applying here. After receiving my internship offer, I couldn’t have been more interested to find out first hand what makes the culture here so great. To be honest, I wondered if it really was as great as I had heard it was.

After my first couple of weeks here, I can assure you- it is.

Sundog is the tenth company I’ve worked for, so I’ve experienced quite a few different work environments. I have often wondered what exactly it is that makes some companies’ cultures so much better than others. Is it just happy hours and free lunch? I don’t think so.

So far, I have noticed the following essential culture creating qualities of Sundog:

  1. Happy hours and free lunch. It’s not about the beer or the food, but what happens after you arrive. It’s about creating opportunities for teammates to spend time together and celebrate.
  2. Genuine friendships among teammates. Because teammates are given opportunities to spend time and celebrate together, the people here have become more of a family than a group of colleagues. Just next week Sundog is throwing a baby shower for a teammate, so everyone can meet her newborn baby and celebrate together over lunch.
  3. Support for eachother. People genuinely care for eachother here and rally together to support each other. I’ve heard stories of teammates who have lost family members, or have had a sick family member or been sick themselves, and the team comes together to provide meals for the teammates family.
  4. Trust for employees. Sundog understands that life still happens during the work day. Employees here are able to work flexible hours, and are trusted to do great work on a schedule that works best for them.
  5. Sundog pride. People here are proud to be here. It is so much fun working with people who love where they work. I am amazed by the excitement people here have about the work that they do and the environment they get to do it in.

All of these things seem so fundamental, but are far too rare. The most important observation I have made so far here, is what happens as a result of these culture qualities:

  1. People here work hard. Everyone here wants Sundog to succeed and wants to contribute to the company they love to work for.
  2. People stay. I have been blown away by how many of the employees here have been here for 7, 12, 20 years.

Sundog has proved that creating a great place to work pays off. People here love where they work, so they work incredibly hard to support each other and the company, and people stick around.  

Sundog has taught me so much already in just two weeks, and I am excited to see what the next few months will bring!


Josie Perhus

Insights Analyst Intern