Einstein is Alive?!?!

by Katelyn Brockhaus

You know how conspiracy theorists are. They always think people who are dead actually aren’t. Well, as much as I would like to say Albert Einstein is really alive, he isn’t. If he was, he would be almost 140 years old and that would be very impressive – scary, but impressive. Unfortunately, for you conspiracy theorists out there, Albert Einstein is dead and has been for some time.


However, his name and reputation are still very much alive. But this isn’t about the person Albert Einstein, it is about the artificial intelligence named Einstein.

Meet Einstein:


Isn’t he cute!?!? 🙂

Despite the fact that Einstein is a cutie, that doesn’t really help you with what he is. I mention earlier that Einstein is an artificial intelligence (AI).

But what does that mean?!?

AI can be described as a machine that thinks like a human and can learn from data being inputted. And this is all done with minimal programing. Right now, most programs only do what your code tells them to do. AI can take that to the next level and do more based on what data it has been given. While Einstein is not the first AI out there, he is the first to be comprehensive with CRM.

What does comprehensive with CRM mean?

  • Data-ready: You just have to add data, no preparing or modeling necessary!
  • Modeling-ready: Since the machine learns, it means it can model itself to fit your organization.
  • Production-ready: It is already apart of the Salesforce platform!

With all of these advances in technology, many people are wondering when they are going to be out of jobs so the robots/computers can just take over. I mean we have computers that can think like humans but without the human error! Does this mean computers are already smarter than us?! Watson, another AI, did win Jeopardy and I suppose that is a pretty big deal.

Salesforce says that Einstein isn’t here to take away an analyst’s job; he is here to help make us more productive and efficient. So I guess we can a wait a few more years before having a meltdown about being replaced by a computer.

How can Einstein help me instead of take over my job?

Well Einstein can actually help in sales, service, marketing, and IT.

  • Sales: Anticipate next opportunities and exceed customer needs
  • Service: Be proactive by resolving cases before they happen!
  • Marketing: Create predictive journeys, with optimized automated email sends and personalize experiences
  • IT: Embed intelligence everywhere and create smarter apps for employees and customers


As someone that relies on insights from analytics to determine the correct audience, channel, content, and timing for campaigns, you could understand why this would be very helpful. Being that Sundog is a partner with Salesforce, this could have some really cool affects on how we do insights, tracking, predictions, and helping our clients.