Father’s Day

In marketing and advertising they say one key to a successful campaign is to touch on someone’s emotions. Believe it or not, I can have a soft side. It’s like a unicorn – rare, but it does exist. So, with Father’s Day being this weekend, I complied a few of my favorite Father’s Day commercials that created a feel within me.

Warning: if you have a soft side you may want to wait to watch these videos until you’re in
the comfort of your home. Or practice some of these lines:

“No, I’m not crying, there’s just something in my eye.”

“My allergies are really acting up today.”

If you really want people to leave you alone while you shed a tear, try this one:

“I think I’m getting pink eye.”

 Now, I present to you, in no particular order, a few of my favorite Father’s Day

1. Dove, #RealStrength


You have to tell him sooner rather than later that he is going to be a dad. Why not video tape his reaction to the news.

2. Kmart, Father’s Day Laugh


My dad always tells me, we have the same eyes. Just to bug him, I reassure him that we don’t and mine are prettier. Truth be told, I do get my eyes from my dad.

3. The Whirlpool Every Day, Care


We sometimes forget the little things that our dad (and mom) did for us growing up. We forget the sacrifices they made and continue to make. Remember to thank them, and tell them they did get it right.

4. Dove, #RealStrength 


Keep in mind, you’re never too old to ask your dad for help, call him when you need him, or receive snuggles and kisses from him. Deep down they are big softies.

For some of us, our Dad was the first man we loved. He was our first superhero, and may still be our favorite superhero. He is the man who can get us to smile, even on our worst days. I won’t be able to be with my Dad this weekend (and yes he gave me the guilt trip), but I will be calling him just to hear a familiar laugh on the other end. A laugh that never gets old.

With that, I leave you with my favorite video. Ladies and gentlemen, here is my dad showing off his new shoes. Yes, he is wearing a crabby hat. It’s a long story.

5. Dad’s Happy Dance


Whoever you call Dad, thank them this Father’s Day,


Bonus video: Dad Casting World’s Toughest Job


I know this is surprising, but I was no angel growing up. Just this past weekend my parents reminded me I was swearing at 3 months, walking at 9 months and a handful since then. What I really heard was, “we love you, and thank you for keeping our life exciting and us young.”