Finally Settling In

I had a nice variety of smaller projects this week to keep me busy, as well as some “sponge time” (not to be confused with “SpongeBob time”) to absorb some industry news and information. The Sundiggers volleyball team had a makeup week to account for one where we were rained out, and I finally decorated my desk a bit!

One of the projects I had this week was finishing up a Pay Per Click dashboard mock-up for one of our clients. It was neat working on this since I was given free reign to take the data and visualize it how I thought best. Turns out that what I think best is not necessarily what is best. Just because I think a piece of information is interesting doesn’t always mean that it will be helpful to the client. Nate did an excellent job of explaining to me which information should be featured to make the dashboard as useful and insightful to the client as possible, it really helped me to think about the info in a new way. This week also introduced a new meeting for the analyst team.

On a twice-weekly basis we will be having the entire analyst team meet and go over workload for the week. This should help to even out workloads for everyone, as we may not always know who is overloaded or carrying a light load for the week. These meetings should help a lot to reduce the potential stress of having too much or too little to do during the week, looking forward to these starting in earnest next week!

Volleyball this week was a set of makeup games for a week in early June when we were rained out. It was a typical week for us – we lost all of our games but had a ton of fun doing so – except for the rain that we had during our last two games. I had fun playing in the rain, others among us (you know who you are 🙂 ) not so much! The next two weeks for volleyball will be tournament play, but do to a music festival and some intern things I won’t be able to make it. It’s been a great summer playing though, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely!

Now, I’ve been at Sundog for six months, I figured it was high time that I decorated my desk. A couple things you should know: I’m a huge Star Wars geek and I love LEGO. In fact, in high school I had a business where I would buy new LEGO sets and sell the individual pieces online. Yeah, there’s a market for that! In fact, I had around 100 international orders and the venture even made a profit. Now, mash those two interests, Star Wars and LEGO, together and you get the top of my desk. Enjoy!

Sundog Desk