Gobble, Gobble – It’s Turkey Time!

by Katelyn Brockhaus

Hello beautiful people!

Despite the fact that we now have snow on the ground and the temperature is dropping to unpleasant levels, it is a great time of year! Thanksgiving is less than a week away!!

Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday and not because it means that Christmas is that much closer.

Why would Thanksgiving be over Christmas, birthdays, Easter, etc.?


Taking a step back:

It is one of the only holidays were you need to actually think about what you are thankful for. You need to take a step back and look at your life and realize what it is you have that others may not. Things you may take for granted – family, friends, health, roof over your head, etc.


Gifts or lack thereof:

Some holidays seem to lose some of their meaning because gifts are all that people think about. With gifts there are, usually, one of three scenarios occurring:

  1. You are expected to get gifts for everyone – which can be extremely stressful.
  2. Someone gets you a gift and you don’t have one for him or her – also very stressful.
  3. You get someone a gift and they don’t have one in return – you could start thinking “Why didn’t they get me a gift, are we not close?!?!”

Family Time:

Most holidays involve families getting together, but many of them involve getting presents, some religious practices, and candy or treats. You don’t have the added stress of presents, making sure ‘Santa’ or the ‘Easter Bunny’ gets there, or throwing parties. It is just cooking the meal, being with family, and being thankful for what you have.


Football All Day:

Now if you have read my past posts, you may have noticed I am a huge football fan. So having football all day with my family (who are all big sports fans) is great. The only downside is that teams aren’t with their families and loved ones so it’s a win/lose situation.



The food at Thanksgiving, oh I am drooling just thinking about it! Now, cooking the meal can definitely be stressful, but once you have a system down, it’s all good. The food served at Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the entire year –and the leftovers are AMAZING. My family doesn’t do anything super fancy – your typical turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, corn, rolls – but all with great quality. The best part of the meal is the desserts afterwards – apple pie and rhubarb sour cream pie. YUM!


The Day After:

This is going to be unusual for most of you. The day after Thanksgiving is the best and it has nothing to do with Black Friday (I’m all about online shopping). This last wonderful piece about Thanksgiving is baking the Amish Cinnamon Friendship bread.

What is Amish Cinnamon Friendship bread??

There are no words to describe the perfection that is this bread. For you Sundoggers here is Fargo, you get to have a taste of this bread, so be ready!!

This bread takes 10 days to prepare, then on the 10th day my mom (with help from me) start baking the bread so the delicious aroma fills the house all day. It is a nasal sensory overload and it is perfection.


Now you know some of my reason for loving Thanksgiving. This year, however, is a little different.


In August, I started here at Sundog as an intern and can’t begin to say how thankful I am for this experience. I had been job searching for a while and couldn’t find anything then this opportunity came along, aligned with my goals of going back to school to finish a second degree and its been really good so far. The people are amazing; it’s like a big group of family and friends. People can bring their dogs in, which is so cool because I absolutely love dogs!

Just the other day (Thursday 11/17/16), I got to see how this family is on a holiday. We had our Thanksgiving lunch. It was really awesome seeing the big line coming out of the elevator to the crowded table and the chatting and laughter. It really made you see the family-like quality this place brings out.

The final piece is how well-respected and known Sundog is in the area. People will ask what I am up now days and I answer with finishing second degree and working at Sundog. Their immediate reaction is “Wow, I hear great things about Sundog” or “Wow that place is great!” So it has been really cool to experience this culture and be able to confirm without a doubt that great things people are saying and thinking about Sundog.


So this year, I am thankful for my family, the love of all my friends, and Sundog.