How Hobbies Can Improve Your Life Outlook

by Grant Moe

Stop what you’re doing and take some time to consider this: Have you ever felt burnt out and find yourself in the same old routine? Work obligations? Family responsibilities?


Finding a good recreational activity that is separate from work commitments, which bring you pleasure and build upon your passions, skills, and interests isn’t sometimes always easy. You need to think about a hobby that doesn’t have anything to do with your career, field, or industry. However, it needs to be something you can feel passionate about and commit yourself to doing. It should especially not feel like a burden.

“Find three hobbies you love: one to make you happy, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative” -Anon


Some of the benefits are almost intangible as they really help you build yourself as a human. After a long day at work, relaxing with a hobby refreshes the mind and makes you even more ready for the next day. Hobbies might even build on a skill or talent that you have never had the chance to explore, such as water color painting, or maybe picking up those crocheting needles and making a nice scarf. Or you might decide to go a bit more selfless with your hobby, such as helping out at the local soup kitchen and serving. One of the hobbies that i’ve picked up during my internship would have to be walking. It might not sound glamorous, but when you look at a screen for multiple hours out of the day, it’s been nice getting some fresh air and getting a chance to clear my head after a day at work.