I Lunched & I Learned

Throughout our first month at Sundog, the interns have had the opportunity to sit down for lunch with some of the executive team members and have a conversation with them about their career, the industry they’re in, and what they think about Sundog (they all love it, obviously).

One thing that seems to be repeating itself in each of these “Lunch & Learns” is the common theme that everything is a learning experience. Whether things go right or horribly wrong, every experience should provide you with an opportunity to improve and to build upon. This industry is full of ups, downs and sideways, and understanding that each experience provides you with a valuable lesson has inspired me to experience as much as I possibly can.

Take those chances that you were afraid of. Introduce yourself to people you want to know. Put yourself in a situation you would have previously been uncomfortable with. Take your future into your own hands and mold it. I know I will.

Megan Beck

Design Intern