I’m just an Elf in Santa’s Workshop

Hope you all enjoyed our vlog last week. It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these babies so stay with me while I catch you up on this craziness. Gotta love the end of the semester. Suddenly projects and papers are thrown on you to the point where all you can do is make a list and stare at it trying to calculate the time it will take or the amount of work you must do in order to get a desired grade.

Well wake up, people! Now is not the time to sit around and wonder—it’s go time! Did Santa’s elves look at their list and feel defeated? Absolutely not! It’s the busiest time of the year and while some may sit around and feel defeated, I am in my element. I love Christmas and the hustle and bustle it brings. So let’s start with the basics:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Yeah, you get the point. But beyond the everyday social media tasks have been some pretty neat connection building experiences with my fellow Sundoggers.

Forming a connection with Jerilyn came as a result of being brought on to the Holiday Gift project. What started off as a 15-minute kick-off meeting, turned into an hour and a half of picking Jerilyn’s brain. After being at Sundog for nearly three months, this was our first opportunity to really chat. She was able to share her internship experience with me as well as her path to finding a career that fits with the things she enjoys. It was very relatable when it comes to me deciding on what I want in a career and better yet, we discovered we have a lot in common! The best piece of advice she gave me was to take advantage of everything, even if it’s finding something you don’t like or enjoy doing—at least you’re one step closer to finding your passion.

This week I was able to meet with Alyssa for a Lunch ‘n’ Learn while she was in Fargo. She provided another relatable experience for me complete with loads of advice. We talked about the differences between agency life and corporate life. She shared her experiences in corporate life and her preference for being on the creative side. That is something that is important to me. I need the opportunity for creativity and big thinking in my life.

Since starting at Sundog, I have been trying to figure out what area I want to be in. I love design, but don’t see that as a huge strength I have. I love writing, but don’t think I’d enjoy doing solely that. My favorite part of advertising is forming the strategy and concept. The brainstorming process is fascinating to me and fun mixed with a healthy bit of exhausting. But—unlike design and writing—there isn’t really a career for strictly that part. The pro about agency life is the variety of clients, whereas with Target, that’s what you’re doing all day, every day (which I may still enjoy). It was great to talk to someone who had suggestions for what to do when it comes to job hunting after graduation and some tips to keep in mind. Like my time with Jerilyn, it flew by and I walked away feeling eager to see where I end up.

Now that you have a recap on some things from my last couple weeks, I should probably get back to my work on the Holiday Gift. I feel like Santa’s little helper. So while you will all be doing your everyday tasks, you can find me singing “Whistle While You Work” in Santa’s Workshop (a.k.a. the Server Room).