Imaginary Friends.

When we were young, I can bet that most of us had some imaginary friends, right? Or was that just me? Well, this past week, I learned that in this wonderful industry you still get to make up imaginary people. I spent the past few days creating multiple personas for a nonprofit organization.

At first I felt like this:

I would stare at my computer and just think “who are you?!” to the random names I had created. Believe it or not it’s really weird to sit down and create someone’s life out of nothing.

Soon after that, Matt Sullivan was created! I was able to form his academic career, his friends, and his interest, A.K.A. I made an imaginary friend at work today. With my persona document finally done, I can sit back and think about the three new “people” waiting to be a part of this new organization. Just another joy of working in a creative world.