It’s a Dog Help Dog Company

Any internship with real-life, real work experience is a great opportunity. That’s a given, right? As college students, we have been shoveled full with what to expect when expecting an internship.

  • You’ll get chances to sit in on meetings and take notes, quietly.
  • You might get to work on a project (if you beg and plead and wash your boss’s car).
  • And maybe, just maybe, you’ll have something to show by the end of it.

So you can imagine when I found out Sundog wasn’t about that type of internship, I was a little surprised. Not only am I being given an abundance of fresh opportunities to further my education in web development as a technology intern, but I’m having fun doing it! I know I probably sound like some summer camp brochure trying to pull in a bunch of youths but I’m honestly not kidding. Fo’ real, here’s a few reasons why this place obviously won an award for being a great place to work at:

  • Free soda, snacks, and Starbucks coffee. All day. Every day………..EVERY……..DAY.
  • You can sign up for chair massages (am I working or relaxing at a country club?).
  • They have like a million different lounge rooms to work in with comfy couches and fireplaces. (Yes, it’s definitely a million. I counted.)
  • YOU HAVE AN EXTENSIVE PROJECT WITH A REAL CLIENT. I cannot stress how important this is! Having an internship is nice but having something you can actually show future employers is fan-FREAKING-tastic!
  • They treat you like a member of the team. You don’t just sit and observe, you get to engage in real conversations that they set up for you so you understand what the company is about, pro-tips on how to do your specific area of work better, and so much more!

If I’m talking about myself, I’ve had the greatest first week ever here. All my friends are so jealous when I mention that I had free buffalo wild wings and beer out on the terrace of Sundog’s gourmet kitchen or a meeting at a local pub with free appetizers or being taken out for sushi to chat with my advisor or a flippin’ back massage in the middle of the day because “why not?!” They even encouraged me to be on social media during work (obviously not excessively) and it’s actually a requirement that I blog every week. I’m being required to do something that is a personal hobby! They might as well say I need to play more video games too (did I mention they have a PlayStation 4?).

Obviously not every week will be like this one but these awesome acts of kindness and all the amazing opportunities to work on a real team show me that this is NOT an internship where you fight for dear life just to get something you can put in a portfolio. Sundog is truly a dog-help-dog company.

Side note: for future blogs, you can expect to see a mix of the neat things I’ve learned here, the wild and crazy (or probably pretty routine and mundane) stuff that’s been happening in my personal life or, just because I love it so much, advancements in virtual/augmented reality and the many reasons it could be the next big thing for viewing websites and connecting through digital media.

-Braden Stevenson