Just How Does One “Go Viral”?

by Morgan Weiler


This question is pegging Millennials and social-users alike, as we attempt to make our post funnier, wittier, and clever… er. But there has to be SOME formula to make your post go viral…

Well, there may not be an exact formula, but there ARE ways to increase the likeliness of becoming a social media superstar.

superstarBe YOU

Make sure your post is 100 percent genuine, wonderful YOU. Try to act like someone you’re not and the audience will see right through it. Take it from Chrissy Teigen… with fire tweets and an all-around hilarious social media-persona, she owns the authenticity game.

Make Sure They’re Actually lol-ing

It’s one thing to type “lol” when replying to a blatantly unfunny text from your significant other, but it’s another thing to see a tweet, post, photo and quite honestly laugh out loud.

I mean do we even laugh out loud anymore or do we just have millions of “lols” floating around in our heads?


While the twitter convos above may not be pee-your-pants worthy, they certainly may make your chuckle <out loud> maybe… a little…

Make it Relevant

Keep up-to-date on the latest trends, social sites, and news-worthy topics. SO, if you’re still tweeting about the Rio Olympics, maybe just go ahead and toss your phone into the black hole of oblivion where conversation on the Olympics has already been banished. Might be best.

The only time relevancy doesn’t matter is when your post is just really dang funny. If the name “Chewbacca Mom” doesn’t ring a bell with you, go ahead and crawl out from that rock you live under and take a gander.

It may not be as hard to go viral as you think… take it from genuinely hilarious Chewbacca Mom. She knows what’s up.

Stay tuned & stay sunny,