Knowing the Difference

This week has consisted of a lot of writing, once again. I’ve taken a break from writing for the intern welcome packet and have been working on a competitive analysis because I learned quickly that it is almost impossible to do both at the same time, which I will explain why later.

For this competitive analysis, I’m comparing Sundog’s presence in social media againstsome of our competitor’s. I’m focusing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ to identify what our competitors doing and see if Sundog’s social media has room for improvement. On Facebook, for example, I look for the number of likes, the frequency of posts, the engagement in each post, and the overall presence of the profile and compare that to Sundog’s overall Facebook presence.

Although I’m not quite finished with this project, it’s been the most interesting. It’s interesting to see what our competitors are doing that we may be not doing and it’s a good opportunity for me to practice different styles of writing for different purposes.

As I mentioned above, I found it near impossible to write for the intern welcome packet and the competitive analysis at the same time because they required such different writing styles. I’m able to put more personality and a fun twist to the content for the welcome packet, but here it’s very short, sweet and to the point. It was hard for me to transition back and forth between the two, but I’m hoping as I continue to get projects that require writing, I can become more comfortable doing so.

I’m looking forward to next week as the interns have been given the opportunity to attend this year’s company meeting. The meeting will be held out at Newman Field for a majority of the afternoon. I’m excited to experience my first company meeting and to see my co-workers outside of the office. The three interns also have our bi-monthly meeting next week which I am also looking forward to as we will be presenting our current/completed projects to a group of Sundoggers that don’t necessarily know what each intern has been working on. It will be a great opportunity for me to share my projects and hopefully gain some feedback as well.

On a side note, the Sundiggers are moving on up there. Not that we are winning or anything (because we’re not), but we are definitely improving. We were happy to get Dani back this week to put some life back into us…and earn us a couple points by distracting the other team. The tournament is right around the corner which gives us just enough time to put our real game faces on (we’ve only been fooling the other teams). Stay tuned!