Lunch and Learn with Bobbiann

Do you know your own strengths?”

This doozy was one of the first questions Bobbiann asked me at lunch last Wednesday. Naturally, I tried to list off a few things from the top of my head, but she wanted something more. She asked me if I knew my top 5 strengths from the Strengths Finder 2.0 book and accompanying test.



I definitely did not know these, so she encouraged me to take the test before our next chat.

Because I’m strange, I couldn’t wait to leave work for the rest of the afternoon. I was seriously so excited to go to Barnes and Noble, buy the book with my online activation code, and take the test.

So, that’s exactly what I did.

The irony here is that my top strength is “Developer.”

“Your sensitivity allows you to help people express what they are thinking and feeling. Driven by your talents, you affirm others for who they are. You celebrate their unique gifts. Your encouraging words inspire and embolden people to be their real and true selves.”

If anyone has been a developer for me, it’s been Bobbiann. Although I don’t know if “developer” is one of her top strengths finder defined strengths, it definitely should be. She is a mentor to all those around her. She encourages people to be their best and work their hardest in both the business and personal spheres. An example of this would be simply suggesting me to take this test. She sees the value in developing strengths and improving weaknesses. She sees the value in people.

Strength Finder also suggested a few actions to take as a developer. One of their suggestions was for me to:

“Identify the mentor or mentors who recognized something special inside you. Take the time to thank them for helping you develop, even if this means tracking down a former schoolteacher and sending him or her a letter.”

Bobbiann is at the top of that list, and consider this my letter to her.

Thank you, Bobbiann.



P.S. Everyone should go buy this book.