Lunch with Meredith

As a novice writer, I am incredibly fortunate for the opportunity to work with a variety of highly knowable professionals within our industry. Through these opportunities I have seen the progression first hand of different writing styles that are all incredibly successful in different ways.

To me writing is a challenge, because it entails finding your individual writing style while appreciating others’ styles of writing, which in return, challenges your style and pushes your talent to the best of its ability.

After going through prior intern blogs, I greatly admired the work of former intern and current writer and marketing strategist Meredith Wathne. Meredith is an incredible writer, whose writing flourishes with creativity and immaculate voice. Her ability to focus on a particular topic and elaborate to
the extent that she does inspires me as a hopeful writer. So, as an experience
junkie, I asked her to teach me her ways and share writing advice. This is what
I learned.

Seven Ways to Write Effectively with Meredith Wathne:

  1. Embrace your style. Comparing yourself to other writers makes you knowledgeable, but should not define your writing style. Be proud of YOUR writing style.
  2. Do not cut your writing experiences short. Count material you have done in your internships and organizations as sample materials and let the company determine if that is truly a necessary factor. Employers may even find a quality you attain that they did not know they were looking for.
  3. That being said, writing is learned through experiences. Take as many opportunities you can.
  4. Content writing, and writing in general is strengthened over time. You learn and you grow as you continue to move forward in your career.
  5. Other people are great resources for bouncing ideas around; don’t forget to use this valuable resource.
  6. Stay in touch with professionals in the industry. It is great to stay in touch and get a variety of professional advice.
  7. If nothing else, do not be ashamed to Google something! Google is a great resource and is a fast and easy way to brush up on skills and do research in a timely manner.

Learning expertise secrets from local experts has allowed me to attain a lot of great perspectives that are invaluable to my future career.

Thank you, Fargo writers, for pushing me to go outside my comfort zone, and
always pushing my writing forward to that next step!