Punctuation Faux Pas

by Morgan Weiler

The period is dead. Yes, you read that right. Although you see me using this pointed punctuation mark as you read my blog, I do not recommend its usage.

You may think what I am saying is crazy (it is). You may say that the sad little dot is necessary (it is). Although just like scary clowns, who only belong in horror movies, there is a time and a place for everything.

As an intern, I am a part of the “Intern Experience”: a coffee chat for students like me, from all varieties of Fargo-Moorhead businesses. We recently began a discussion on communication and the many forms it takes. In this day and age, texting is the most frequently used form of Computer Mediated Communication. Because of this, there are do’s and don’ts to this method.

And as I said before: Stop. With. The. Period. Or at the very least, limit using them in one-sentence texts.

Here’s why:

text convoAlthough you may look at it and think, “Well isn’t this the proper way to end a text?”

Grammatically, you are correct, although you will suffer from the horrible social suicide that comes along with its usage.

As you read this, what do you think? Does this gray-message person come off as rude to you? Perhaps they come off impolite, discourteous, or even uncivil?!

If you are like me and a majority of the millennial population (age 18-34), reading a text-message encounter like this is horrifying. When Mom responds “Ok.” to my text, I start to question where I went wrong. Did I not tell her that her new hair color perfectly complimented her eyes? Did I point out the flaws of her casserole? This little punctuation mark sends me into disarray and has me reflecting on all the things I have ever done wrong in my life that could have my recipient acting in such a way.

Studies have confirmed the resentment of periods in this latest phenomenon. Many articles have articulated the horror. To further understand just how terrible this little speck can be, an article such as “Stop. Using. Periods. Period.” can help you poor punctuation-users and perhaps allow us millennials to forgive your actions in the future….

For now,

Stay tuned & stay sunny