#ReadyToLaunch Analysis

Executive Summary

#ReadyToLaunch was used to group conversation around Sundog’s 2014 company party held in Minneapolis. To measure and analyze the conversation surrounding the event and the success of the hashtag, I used analytic tools including Radian6 (a social listening tool), Statigram (Instagram’s analytic tool) and Facebook Insights.

The hashtag saw its biggest success on Instagram, which owned 73 percent of the conversation. There were 18 external postings to compliment our internal post. Combined, the posts gained 208 likes and 12 comments. In addition, our internal post made the top five most liked posts, ever, on our account. Our top Instagram influencers expanded #ReadyToLaunch’s reach by an additional 1,423 followers.

Twitter saw low activity with only 4 mentions. We did mention the company party on our internal account once but did not use the hashtag.

To improve Twitter performance for next year, I recommend mentioning the hashtag several times a week prior to the event to make sure our audience is aware of it and to build anticipation. I also recommend live tweeting from our internal account to keep people engaged in conversation throughout the event.

Our internal #ReadyToLaunch Facebook posts performed well, receiving a combined 85 likes, 2 comments and 1 share and generating a total reach of 6,039. We also created a #ReadyToLaunch photo album that received 8,549 post clicks. The conversation was 87 percent external and had a sentiment of 91 percent neutral and 9 percent positive.

An obstacle I came across while measuring the #ReadyToLaunch conversation was that it is a very common hashtag, making it difficult to track the conversation pertaining to Sundog. To make tracking easier for next year, I recommend adding the year to the hashtag (#ReadyToLaunch14) or incorporating the Sundog brand in some way.

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