Reflecting on the End is Just the Beginning

by Darby Fike

Reflection is good. When you take time to reflect on an experience or information, you give yourself a chance to learn from it. What did you enjoy, what did you agree with, or what would you change? That is exactly what I have been doing this past week – reflecting.

You see, every good thing must come to an end and my internship at Sundog is quickly approaching its end. So as I get ready to start my next journey, I’m taken time to remember what I’ve been able to accomplish and learn.

My internship at Sundog was a compilation of many things. I have gotten the chance to dig into social media marketing and learn more about research and analytics. As I became more comfortable, I was brought into new types of work, including writing press releases and taking photos for the company. I was able to learn that co-workers are family and the meaning of “work hard, play hard” can be very rewarding. I have gotten to live out the values of Sundog and that is something I can carry with me.

But it has been much more than just an internship. It was a chance to explore my passions and interests. It was a place where I could learn, grow and be challenged. It was an experience where I was able to develop my working style and preferences. Plus, it was a place I could get critiqued and molded into a better version of myself.

There is a long list of things that I get to take with me from this experience. There is also a long list of thanks to give – to my mentors, my fellow interns, my team members, and everyone who gave me a chance. I am incredibly thankful for the learning experience, the opportunities, and the push to go outside of my comfort zone to create professional and personal growth.

It is a bittersweet ending to a chapter in my life. If you have ever ended a project that you’ve put your heart and soul into, you could probably relate in some way. With an ending there will be change, but change brings endless possibilities and new opportunities. An ending also brings a new beginning and I know that I can always rely on the friendships I’ve made and the wisdom I’ve gained from this experience. If you’re looking for an internship that is out of this world – you can stop because you’ve already found it.

Until next time,