Resources to Help in the Search for a Full-Time Job

by Darby Fike

Volunteering or job shadowing are just a few of the ways you can gain work experience. Another way is to intern. Interning provides hands on experience in a field that you hope to work for one day. It allows to you get insight of a business and lets you determine if you like the work or not.

Interning has definitely been a huge part of my professional growth. It has let me contribute to a team, connect with other professionals and advance my skills in my career field. But I just recently graduated from college and now I am to take the next step – I am on the search for a full-time job.

Searching for a job can be difficult. Sometimes you get an interview and sometimes you don’t hear back from that company at all. You can search for online postings or ask friends if they know anyone hiring. But I stand by what I said – job searching can be difficult.  However, having an internship can make job searching a little easier if you use the resources around you. I recommend using these tips to help get you closer to securing that full-time job:

  • Seek out letters of recommendationAttaching a letter of recommendation can add to your chance of getting an interview.

 This letter shows employers that a professional is vouching for your skills, personality and overall ability to perform in a job. I have found the best people to ask to write these letters would be those who you work closely with, such as a supervisor, since they see your work on a daily basis and can attest to the quality of your work.

  • Network with other professionals. 

One big part about being in an internship is connecting with people in the industry. I have been given different possible job leads through these connections. A lot of jobs are just word of mouth so there are plenty of jobs out there that you might not find out about unless you have those connections

  • Ask others for advice

Almost everyone at the company you intern for went through the process of searching for a job and getting hired on. I’ve learn from others experiences when they went through the job searching process. It helped me understand what was easy, what was hard, or get any tips for interviews.

These have helped me prepare for what to expect. However, job searching isn’t just about finding a job, it is about finding a fit with a company. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t find a fit right away. Keep applying, keep talking about your strengths and you will find a company that will welcome you with open arms.

Until next time,

            Intern Darby