Stories Here, Stories There

by Morgan Weiler


Stories here, stories there, stories everywhere! But why… WHY are social media stories taking over the universe? (Okay, I’m being dramatic)






After my first 3 months as a Sundog intern, I was asked to present on a subject that was new, relevant, even innovative.

In August of 2016, the latest and greatest thing was Instagram Stories. They were quickly on their way to taking over Snapchat Stories

In a Goldilocks way of life, Instagram stories were neither too hot nor too cold. They were just way too much. Snapchat already HAD a “stories”, so what’s the deal? Why steal a perfectly good idea and make it well, equally the same…

Enter Facebook. Facebook is notorious for constantly changing, angering members for the sudden switcheroos, although… I have to hand it to them. No one is ever mad at Facebook in the end. (which means they’re doing something right)




The new ‘Stories’ feature could be a hit or a miss… but honestly, maybe this stories competition is just heating up.

So folks… next time you see a stories-worthy moment, which site will you head to?

Stay tuned & stay sunny!