The Desire to Learn

by Grant Moe

Since starting at Sundog as the Software Engineering intern, I’ve woken up every day motivated to learn something new. Coming from a very tech heavy background, I thought for sure I would ease right into my role. I was in for a very rude awakening. Wanting to contribute but being unsure how to do something is the most frustrating thing for me as a software developer. Being here even for only a few weeks has inspired me to learn on a level that college hasn’t approached in a very long while. Sitting at my little quad space everyday opening up individual code files from different projects and reading what the people in this office have accomplished has humbled me beyond belief. It’s a little like sitting near what you’ve always wanted to be and so much more.


Comparing this experience to my college classes doesn’t give it justice. This includes classes I’ve loved and the classes I’ve struggled with. Most of my classes have been very informative, but they don’t compare to the rewarding experience of just being with the people in this office, talking through a project, and then going through with executing that plan. (Nothing like being assigned homework and then procrastinating until the last few days to get it done.) Here at Sundog I want to work, learn, and absorb every little bit of this place while I’m here. The software engineers and web developers alike are all very passionate about their work and want to put out their best work for the clients.


This is my fourth week at Sundog and even now every day is a new experience for me. Recently I’ve been tackling CSS projects but last week i was writing unit tests for the software engineers. Going over to Darin or Joe and asking them if he can help me is something that happens more often than not. I love interacting with the amazingly smart people here and getting more than one opinion on the projects I’m working on. I have a hard time showing just how much I appreciate everyone’s help. Thanks for reading my first blog post.