Think Analytically

This week consisted of me running around like a crazy person. (Hello, A.D.D.!) My brain has been bolting in a million directions at once (even more than usual) and I find myself working on bits of projects here and there rather than finishing tasks one at a time—no wonder my to-do list hasn’t gotten any shorter.

A big chunk of my week involved playing catch-up from my weekend in the tundra and planning ahead for the weeks to come. However, the highlight of my week was my Lunch ‘n’ Learn with Brianne. Our jobs at Sundog are interwoven, yet I really had no idea what she did until now. While my brain is much more focused on the creative aspect of social media involving the ‘how’, Brianne understands the analytics and the ‘why’.

As a result of this Lunch ‘n’ Learn, we have decided to get together monthly to review the Sundog dashboards she creates as a way to really understand what is working and what needs to change to strengthen our social presences. I think the communication between content creators and analysts is essential in providing the most relevant and engaging content as possible.

The rest of my week has been the usual—tweets, posts and proofing. In the weeks to come (a.k.a. one of the many tasks on my ever-growing to-do list), expect to see the official launch of @sundogpics on Instagram, watch for emails from me begging you for information for case studies and check out our “Christmas Wish-List” Pinterest board (please send me any suggestions you have for it).