A Whole New World

“Wowee kazowee! Oh, sweet! Wait….what?” are just a few of the phrases I’ve been shooting off in my head as I gaze into the depths of the internet and its vast pool of web development knowledge. If I could sum up the amount of information I’ve taken in over the last few weeks here at Sundog via a picture, it might look a little something like this:

Though instead of being frightened or intimidated, I’ve been exhilarated and empowered! Let me start with what I’ve learned about WordPress.

It’s so nice to know there’s an easy system for clients to update content on their website without having to explain to them where in the code they can write something or how to add pictures, etc. Admittedly, I had limited knowledge of WordPress coming here, but now I can easily search through the PHP files of other WordPress themes and grab pieces of basic PHP, html, and id/class selectors that are relevant for styling the page itself. I also have a good understanding of what files are required for a WordPress site to work and why, as well as how to build them.

Not only can I work with WordPress in building sites, but I can do it responsively now too! Before coming here, I already knew a method of responsive design thanks to media queries, but there’s a much easier and cleaner method to implement it, called Twitter Bootstrap.

I’ve learned so much about the Bootstrap application and most importantly, just how much useful content it comes with! Not only is it good for responsive design, but it also does a great job of simply sectioning off your content.

As an example, here’s the process of before and after knowing about Bootstrap when making three (non-responsive) boxes of content fit in a row.

Before: I had to make a container class, two secondary containers with the left one holding one box and the right one holding two boxes and then two more containers for the two boxes in the right container and then I had to style all of these containers with floats and specific pixel or percentage widths so they wouldn’t stack below each other and it was just a mess.

Now: I make three boxes. Set the class to “col-md-4”. Done. SO EASY!

On top of that, it comes with plenty of basic JavaScript for carousels, accordions (pictures that scroll sideways and dropdown menus), as well as basic animation information and so much more! This has also given me a good foundation for understanding how elements of JavaScript function, as well as what goes into jQuery. Thanks to all of this, I already feel much more confident as a front-end web developer.

…and I’ve only been here a month. I can only imagine what I’m going to learn in weeks to come. To say the least, I’m very excited!