5 Tips for Live Tweeting

Live tweeting is alive and well. Where can you live tweet? During concerts, conferences, college graduation, award shows, season premieres of your favorite TV show… Okay, you get the idea. You can live tweet from almost any event! The rules below can apply to any of the examples listed above.

A recent example of live tweeting done well was at The Emmys. Did you notice #SmartGirlsAsk or #AskHerMore trending? These hashtags were used during the Red Carpet to encourage interviewers to ask women more than what they are wearing.

This blog is going to focus on live tweeting during the How To Get Away With Murder season two premiere. This premiere is tomorrow, September 24th, 10|9c.

Before you turn on your TV and sit down with a tall glass of red wine (or vodka if you’re trying to channel your inner Annalise Keating), there are a few things you need to do.

1. Follow the show’s account

Stay up-to-date on your favorite shows by following their twitter account. If you’re a true fan you will already be following the show’s account. If not, do so now. Click here to follow HTGAWM’s twitter account. This will also make tweeting at the show easier.

2. Warn your followers

Sending a simple tweet out such as, “I will be live tweeting like crazy during #HTGAWM. This is your warning.” will do just fine. Consider adding your favorite gif to spark a little fire. If your followers don’t watch the show, this alert will allow them to scroll passed your tweets quickly. And if they don’t watch the show, I’d rethink who your followers actually are. This warning tweet will also warn anyone who can’t watch the season premier to avoid your tweets. Actually, they should avoid social media all together.

3. Use Hashtags

If you’re following the show’s twitter account, you should be able to see what hashtag they are using. If they don’t have one listed in their bio, check out their tweets. Use this hashtag often. As often as you’re tweeting about the show. If it doesn’t fit your 140-character count, you can go without it. This hashtag will connect you with the other diehard fans tweeting about the show.

4. Get involved in the conversation

Follow the hashtag you and the show are using to see what others are saying about the mind-blowing season premiere. Do you like what others are saying? Retweet their tweets. Just don’t go overboard. Or give your input to others’ reactions.

5. Follow the cast

Don’t be scared to tweet at the cast and follow what they are saying. If you’re tweeting at the cast and starting your tweet with a twitter handle, place a period before the handle. This will allow you to share your tweets with your entire following. Tweets that begin with handles only appear in the timeline of those following both the tweeter and the mentioned user.

Follow these five tips, and you will be a live tweeting master! Get your tweeting thumbs ready, and have your charger close. I have a feeling we are in for an unforgettable season premiere.