User Experience

In between stops during the interns’ two-day excursion to the Sundog Minneapolis office, we grabbed lunch at a place called Rock Bottom. In addition to some incredibly tasty shrimp, the restaurant menu boasted one of the most genius pieces of content marketing that I’ve seen in a long time. I know the phrase “content marketing” […] Read More...

The Sundog office was abuzz last week with talk of the internet’s famous 16Personalities quiz. Loud discussions about how one’s results compared to those of colleagues filled more than one floor of the Fargo Multiband tower. The quiz itself is based on the decades-old Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but the 16Personalities version packages the test with […] Read More...

May 26, 2016

More Than an Intern

By Josh Anderson

Today marks the end of my second week at Sundog. Even though my title includes the word “intern,” I’ve been welcomed into the company as though I were a full-time employee. The office has gone out of its way to welcome me and the other summer interns into the Sundog family, despite the temporary nature […] Read More...

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