Discovering Growth Opportunities for Sundog

by McKenzie Klatt

My first month as a Marketing Research and Intelligence Intern at Sundog has been all about learning! To me, nothing is more satisfying than expanding my knowledge. DiscoverOrg has been a priority of mine. Learning the tool’s ins and outs has been paying off! What is DiscoverOrg? It’s a tool with a wide variety of data that provides up-to-date information about a company’s details, contact information, financials, technologies they use, news related scoops, their geographic map, corporate hierarchy, and similar companies to the one you searched. Below is an example of the layout of information I would find when researching a company.

I learn by asking a lot of questions and one of the great things I had learned very quickly at Sundog is that everyone is a team player. You always have someone to turn to for advice and get answers for any questions you may have. I have had the chance to sit down with my manager Heidi and coworkers Dani and Tony individually to truly understand the background and criteria that Sundog uses to select prospect accounts.


Sundog’s creates “Fit Scores” to help correlate a company’s revenue, employee size, industry, sales channel, and geography cluster with what Sundog requires in a client. DiscoverOrg helps fulfill a great deal of these criteria question at the click of a button. DiscoverOrg does not answer what channel the manufacturer may sell their products through or if their products are highly considered purchases. To find this information out, I have to do my own digging and research to determine the answers, which is rather fun! Determining if a company’s products are a highly considered purchase I go to their website. From there I determine with my own knowledge the amount of consideration that would go into purchasing those products that they are producing. After I discover if the product is a highly considered purchase the next step for me is determining if the company sells through indirect or direct sales channels. In determining this I will look for options of buying directly on the company’s website and if the company has suppliers or dealers to purchase their products through.


Once a prospect account meets all criteria, it’s time to discover contact information within those companies. DiscoverOrg helps a lot and this can also be done at the click of a button most of the time. It’s crucial to target contacts that would benefit Sundog’s sales and marketing. I have learned a lot about what contacts would be needed to have potential impact on business at Sundog. I have had a lot of opportunity to upload and detail the contact’s information in certain accounts. This puts Sundog at a better position on receiving interactions from ABM campaign emails and creating relationships with key contacts for current and prospects accounts.


I am quickly learning more and more each day as an intern at Sundog. It is extremely satisfying knowing that the work I am doing not only increasing my knowledge and abilities for the future but it also impacts the team I work with each day and the company!

McKenzie Klatt

Marketing Research and Intelligence Intern