Executive ‘Doggers

by Lauren Arnold

One of my favorite work perks is having a dog-friendly office. On my first official day in the Sundog Tower, I was greeted by, not just one, but three different pups. Talk about a welcoming environment! In a day that was filled with introductions, nerves and the unknown, I instantly felt better by the presence of these fluffy creatures. As a dog lover, I am a strong believer that dogs can play an extremely positive role in the modern workplace. Although the list could go on forever, here are three benefits of having dogs enter the corporate world:


  1. They help employees practice healthy habits, like taking screen breaks.
  2. They help alleviate stress.
  3. They promote team bonding.


Since dogs play such a huge role in the company culture at Sundog, I thought it would be fitting to assign some of our ‘doggers titles within the company.

The Intern

Oliver joined the Sundog family in the summer of 2015. He’s currently the longest serving intern the company has ever had. His lovable, lazy and entertaining personality makes him an irreplaceable member on the Sundog team. With experience in the Fargo and Minneapolis offices, he knows the ins and outs (as well as who to go to for treats) at both locations.

The Trend Setter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Benji joined Sundog in November 2018 as the Office Trendsetter. With his calm, happy and resilient personality he has been known to take numerous fashion risks around the office. Whether it be in a leopard jacket, an ugly Christmas sweater or simply rocking his cute footless leg around the office, Benji is all about starting trends.

Toy Durability Analyst

Gracie has been a Sundogger since she was a pup in 2015. In her early days at the company, she was the Director of Rest and Relaxation and snoozed away her days. After three years at the company, Gracie proved that her strengths are best utilized with toy testing. She has a talent for finding everyday objects, like yoga balls, and turning them into an incredibly entertaining game of one-on-one catch. It’s a huge help in making sure the office is equipped with dog-friendly supplies.

VP (Vice Pooch) of Social Strategy

Buddy joined the Fargo office in 2018 as an associate ‘dogger.’ Since Buddy’s arrival, his friendly demeanor and cuddly personality have brought people together in the 5th-floor collaboration space. People come from far and wide (the 4th and 6th floors), because no matter your mood, Buddy is always there with a head tilt to make all your worries fade away. In his new role, Buddy will serve as the VP (Vice Pooch) of Social Strategy and will use his skills to help create content by posing perfectly around the office.

CEP (Chief Executive Paw-ficer)

Auggie joined the Sundog team in 2017 as a senior ‘dogger.’ When he isn’t busy leading his own meetings, Auggie stands tall on his 5th-floor throne. He has proven to be a dedicated team member by ensuring that all meetings that include his human (Darin) conclude at the appropriate time. When meetings run too long, it is his job to get up, and gently stretch to signal that he’s skills are needed elsewhere. In his new role, Auggie will serve as the CEP (Chief Executive Paw-ficer) and will continue to ensure all Sundoggers work hard and play hard while at the office.  


Until next time,

Intern Lauren