Flying Solo

This week has been exciting and a little nerve-racking in a whole new way at it marked my first few “solo meetings” for projects that have been assigned to me either for project management or to assist other Project Managers on.  These “solo meetings” are not only exciting because they have served as kick-off meetings to get new projects (or existing projects that have stalled a bit) rolling, but because they have allowed me to guide a meeting on my own and spread my wings and fly without another Project Manager or supervisor right next to me to pick me up if (when) I stumble.

The best part about “flying solo” is that even if I do stumble or mess up or don’t know the answer to a question brought up in one of my meetings, there is always a half a dozen or more friendly faces available to help me or answer my questions with lots of encouragement and absolutely no judgment.  These friendly faces have become a great support system and their efforts in training me to become a great Project Manager are so appreciated I don’t even know how I could repay them for all they’ve taught me.

Aside from running a few meetings on my own this week, I have also been introduced to a few of the Sundog perks that everyone is always raving about.  Not only did Laurie (our office manager) bake fresh cookies on Wednesday, but there were free chair massages available in the office this week AND our new Sundog Concierge Service started.  This concierge service is probably the coolest thing I’ve heard about in a long time – we have a new employee hired to do all sorts of tasks, from delivering items to clients, to picking up supplies for the office and even picking up Father’s Day cards and gifts (you know who you are 😉 )!! These services are just a few additional perks that make working for Sundog so great.

I will conclude this week’s blog with a quote I overheard while shadowing a tour with some Wahpeton High School students this afternoon.  A freshman in the group turned to her friend and whispered, “This place is so cool, I wish I could live here!” and I have to admit, that thought has crossed my mind too.  I guess that’s what happens when you look forward to coming to work every day – even if it is at 7:30! J

– Jerilyn