Get the Most Out of Your Social Posts as a Business

by Becca Kelly

I came into this social media internship with an open mind. With some experience running smaller business accounts, I was ready to jump in and learn the role of handling Sundog’s social pages. I quickly learned one thing’s for sure – every business has its own spin on content.

As a social media manager, you have the responsibility of creating the content, taking/choosing  photos, and scheduling posts. It’s important to realize not all businesses can post about the same things. Depending on the personality and culture of the organization, some topics might not make sense to share online.

Here are three of many ways to get the most out of your social posts as a business:

  1. Take a look at your audience. What is the target market? Do you have more than one?

This is crucial because it’s important to know what they want to see on social media. Do some research – analytics are great for this. What media performs better? What time of day has the most activity? Ask yourself these questions and put some feelers out to get a better grasp on what your market prefers. The way a post is worded does matter! Think about what will grab the attention of the reader – while keeping the same identity.

  1.     Consistency is key.

Want to present your business as funny? Serious? Informational? Choose a personality and stick to it. It’s confusing to your readers when they see inconsistent or irrelevant posts on your pages. Switching things up to keep the reader engaged is good, but posts that don’t align with the values and culture of the company should be left out.

  1. Stay away from copy + paste!!

Often times, businesses want to showcase an event on multiple social channels. This is great, however try and switch up the wording of the post. The overall message can be the same, but most readers would rather see variety. Using a different photo or posting on another day are simple ways to avoid this habit.

So take a step back, look at your company, brand image, and overall voice before you dive in to create a social post.


Make it a great day!

– Intern Becca