Hobbies: We all have them (and need them)

by Katelyn Brockhaus

“Get a hobby” a phrase that we have all probably heard at some point in our lives whether it was because someone didn’t want us sitting around doing nothing or someone encouraging us to get out there and do something we love. Hobbies can be very beneficial to your life and career! I personally have several hobbies that I do regularly ranging from painting canvases to playing sports from yoga to hiking.


What are some of these benefits hobbies can have, you ask?   


First and foremost, a hobby is a pursuit of a passion. You might not have that passion right away, but over time, you can develop it. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a professional. Many kids dream of becoming all-star professional athletes but only less than 5 percent actually achieve that dream. Does that mean you give up? No! If you love the sport or activity, continue to develop your skills.

Second, hobbies create balance in your life. If you think your work makes you too busy to do anything outside of work, you might actually be hurting your future growth potential. Hobbies help you develop pride in something that’s independent from work and personal relationships. Another advantage of creating balance is you can lessen stress. Hobbies can relax you and if you can relax outside of work, that means you can focus better when working! Whoop Whoop!

We all know that making connections and networking is important to your career, but don’t limit your network to only people at your workplace. You can make all sorts connections through your hobby! You could meet someone at a painting and wine craft night or get to know a teammate on a local softball league. All of the people you meet outside of a work environment could be the person that leads you to your next career move or a new client. You never know!

Finally, time management. Now, time management at work is usually pretty important. But how do you manage your time between working and not working? Finding a balance between the two can help your overall life. This isn’t to say that the two need to be completely separate, that’s ridiculous. Some of my best friends are co-workers that I worked with for five years. Because of that, my work life and non-work life are very inter-twined with one another. For successful time management, you can’t work 20 hours a day for most of your week (and potentially weekend). You need to set aside some time to do something you enjoy whether its reading in the quite or going to a company event.


Overall, hobbies create balance in your life. They help you relax and re-energize your body and mind to keep you healthy and help you stay sharp on the job.


What’s even better than having hobbies outside of work is when your workplace indulges in those hobbies! The Annual Golf Competition happened at Sundog recently. Can you think of a better way to get the benefits of a hobbies and connecting with coworkers? I can’t!!   😀