How to Disconnect From the Big Three

by Grant Moe

Do you even catch yourself on your phone, browsing Facebook possibly, and all of a sudden it’s hours later? You sit down on the couch and pull up your favorite television show, and after a few episodes the entire day is over? Many of us either spend way too much time in front of screens or are blissfully unaware of how much time we spend in front of electronics. But we can absolutely step away and enjoy our time away from electronics. Here’s how you can disconnect and feel good about it for three major technologies.



This might be near impossible, all of us need to disconnect from electronics from time-to-time.. If you feel the urge to pick up your phone to check if you have messages, just stop and think. Do you really need to pick it up? Many of us rely on electronic but if we take baby steps it might be easier to keep the electronics out of sight and out of mind. Start with every friday, just as an example, don’t use your phone. You might feel disconnected and weird at first but that’s to be expected. Just keep shaving off hours you might be spending in front of a screen, and you might feel like a different person but that’s fine.


Social Media

Having a social network can be exhausting, at least as far as I’ve experienced it. Browsing Facebook you can constantly get updates on what others have going on in life and depending on how your life might be going, either get depressed or at least start comparing your life to someone else’s, which usually isn’t healthy.



After a good long day at work, it’s nice to just put aside the day’s work and that should include putting aside the chat systems, email, and other forms of work communications, unless you are close to some deadline then it might be a good idea to not just throw the entire project into disarray by not being able to respond to questions or concerns.
It might be difficult to avoid these three, but it is achievable and we could all benefit from the disconnect.