How To Discover What Makes Your Co-workers Tick

by Josh Anderson

The Architect

The Sundog office was abuzz last week with talk of the internet’s famous 16Personalities quiz. Loud discussions about how one’s results compared to those of colleagues filled more than one floor of the Fargo Multiband tower. The quiz itself is based on the decades-old Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but the 16Personalities version packages the test with a pretty web design and strong user experience, thus attracting millions of page visits from even the most psychologically apathetic. Coincidentally, around the same time as the quiz made its rounds throughout Sundog, Emerging Prairie asked participants of its Intern Experience program to complete the same questions. It seemed I had no choice but to take the testagain.

Now, I’ve long known my personality type to be INTJ, which 16Personalities refers to as “The Architect.” My conviction comes from the fact that I’ve received the same result after more than one crack at the quiz (not to mention how frighteningly fitting I’ve found all descriptions of the INTJ type to be). I took the test once more to fulfill my Emerging Prairie homework assignment, albeit hesitantly, afraid that a new result might call into question my comfortable identity as an INTJ.

Once again, however, my INTJ status was reaffirmed. 16Personalities offers a thorough description of the personality (as it does for the 15 others), but the gist of it is that we “value personal initiative, determination, insight, and dedication, and believe that everyone should complete their work to the highest possible standards.” I was amused to find “marketing strategist” listed as one of the examples of jobs to which my personality is well-suited. I also can’t help but notice how fitting it is that an “Architect” is as interested in information architecture as I am.

For the purposes of improving office interactions, the most helpful section to a visitor of the 16Personalities website is “Workplace Habits.” It describes how workers of each personality type operate as subordinates, colleagues, and managers. If the average test taker’s results are as spot-on as mine, you can be assured that the information you can glean about your co-workers from this site will be meaningful. Give the test a shot and share your results with your team!