Instagram: My Hero

Instagram is my hero this week. Their two recent, game-changing, updates have me as excited as watching the season premier of How To Get Away With Murder, with a glass of wine in hand.

Landscape Photos

They first rolled out a landscape photos feature. I repeat, LANDSCAPE photos on Instagram. When I heard about this I sat and refreshed my app updates. Over and over. Nothing. There was no Instagram update available for me. So I did the practical thing. I deleted my Instagram app. Then, I redownloaded the app. It was a beautiful moment.

Notice that magical little button on the left? One press of that and BAM! You now have a landscape photo. This also works for vertical photos. We all deserve to see the full picture. Now we can. Start deleting those cropping apps to create more storage on your phone for photos.

Direct Message

Are you guilty of tagging a friend in the comment section of an Instagram picture? I mean, they just HAVE to see the picture! Trust me, I understand. My name is Emily, and I too am guilty of tagging friends in the comment section of an Instagram picture.

Today, that all changes. No more screenshotting images and sending them via text. Say goodbye to tagging friends in comments. It is now easier to send pictures to your friends on Instagram.

I started noticing a little arrow on a few accounts the other day. Confused, I pressed it. And this different looking “send to” message popped up. Now, this little arrow is on every account I follow.

So what can you do with it? It’s simple. Instead of tagging your friends in the comment to look at the photo, send it to them! Click the arrow. Choose whom you’d like to send the photo to. (And yes, you can send it to more than one person at a time.) Type in a message you’d like to add to the photo. Then send.

Side note: No, I do not know why Hangar1 Vodka is on my top send to list.

How will you know if someone sent you a personal message on Instagram? The same way you did before. You are notified in the right corner of your image feed. Notice the orange number 1 on the left image? That’s where you are notified. The screenshot on the right shows how the images appear in your message.

Use this handy tool to send those quotes you relate to. Or to send your significant other that outfit you have your eye on. Or brighten the day of a friend with the flawless face of JT.

And if you’re wondering, no, the user who posted the photo does not get notified that you sent their picture to someone.

Now get out there, landscaper the crap out of your photos, and fill up your friend’s mailbox with photos.

Snap away,


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