Intern Project Update: Part 2

Though the past two weeks have been a little scattered due to the 4th of July, the intern team has accomplished a lot!

The new Sundog internship program logo has been agreed upon! This was quite exciting for us because it will really be our guiding force while developing, designing and creating content for the microsite.

Speaking of the microsite, that is our next big piece of the puzzle. Matt spent last week developing a few landing page options, while Emily wrote preliminary content for the landing page. These pieces will all be presented today for client team approval.

Last week was quite the learning process for all of us, but it particularly opened my mind to all that goes into even the smallest piece of a website. My only past experience with web design or development came from one college intro class that forced me to code my own website. Luckily has since expired, so no one can see it!

But in all seriousness, I am truly loving the process of learning everyday from Matt, Emily and the entire Sundog team.

I’ll keep ya posted!