It’s the Final Semester

by Alex Khalil

I am finally in my last semester of college, no pressure right? That means all the stress of finding a full-time job after school is done and jumping all the fun hurdles that come with college life. The one thing that isn’t stressing me out, is my work here at Sundog. During my second interview, I was told that I would be put in situations that would make me struggle, not stress out. I think this was an accurate description of the workload here as well as a good philosophy for good work. My work at Sundog has been challenging, it has made me leave my comfort zone and learn plenty of new things I never had any idea about before my time here. It has also shown me that in order to make yourself a better worker you need to experience difficulty and learn how to work through difficult tasks. I think that is my biggest takeaway as a Sundogger. The number one way I got through my struggles was reaching out, everyone here is looking to see others succeed, and I have been mentored and helped by people I never imagined working with when I first started. I am excited for the next round of interns to come and experience such a fun and productive culture to learn and grow.

I cannot say I have enjoyed the other factors of this senior year experience quite as much. As if worrying about where I will be spending 40 hours a week next year isn’t nerve-wracking enough, there is the added bonus of senior-level courses. School should be a major priority in the life of a student, it’s the reason for that title. One thing you have to do is make sure you keep up with your duties in the classroom, no matter how hard it might seem. I can honestly say that working at Sundog has made it harder to go to class, I enjoy my classes, but I enjoy the work I do more, and it can be hard to focus on your second favorite duty.

The thing that I am struggling with the most in this last semester is my job search. It is a huge project that you really don’t have much control over, which is scary because it’s your life! One thing that has helped me with this is reaching out to professors and mentors for tips about how to apply and letters of recommendation. These are some of the brightest people in your life who no doubt want only the best for you. They have all be in a similar situation while job hunting, and who better to highlight your accomplishments and point you in the right direction? The hard part is finding the positions you want. I find that putting an hour a day towards searching for a job is the most time effective way to prepare for the future. It can be disheartening to get a rejection or worse no reply at all. When this happens, I just remember that the perfect career doesn’t just fall in your lap. You have to be diligent (and have a bit of thick skin).

All in all your final semester of college is supposed to be fun, but also it’s when the beginning of “real life” starts. It’s a time to enjoy the freedom you have and get excited for the future to come. The best advice I can give is to reach out for help and be determined to find the right fit for you.

Alex Khalil

Software Engineer Intern