More Than an Intern

by Josh Anderson

Sundog Interns Summer 2016

Today marks the end of my second week at Sundog. Even though my title includes the word “intern,” I’ve been welcomed into the company as though I were a full-time employee. The office has gone out of its way to welcome me and the other summer interns into the Sundog family, despite the temporary nature of our positions.

Much of our time these first couple of weeks have been spent in “Sundog Overview” meetings, where the heads of the different teams in the company take time out of their busy schedules to explain their roles in the Sundog ecosystem. As the Content Strategy/User Experience intern, I’m sure I’ll interact with the Insights, Creative, and Marketing teams throughout the summer, but Sundog has also made sure that I’ve met people with whom I probably won’t work. The goal is that no one is a stranger to anyone else. I think it’s working—even after only two weeks, I recognize most of the faces that walk past my desk.

I feel like a valued addition to the Sundog crew, not just because they’ve given me my own laptop and invited me to the weekly “Wine Wednesdays,” but because my questions and input are encouraged during meetings. I’m moving past my initial reticence to chime into high-concept discussions like “What is content strategy at Sundog?” since my advisors tell me that I may have studied these topics at a greater depth than even they have. My coursework at Michigan State University—a major in Professional Writing and a minor in Japanese—has equipped me with a specialized skillset, and Sundog sees me not as a clueless intern but as someone who brings a valuable perspective to the table.

My advisors are also eager to offer me chances to further develop my interests and expertise. Today I took on a long-term project to research best practices in content localization; I’ll present my findings at the end of the summer to a cross-functional group of teams (including Content, Insights, UX, Marketing Strategy, and any others who would find the information valuable). I will keep you updated on the subject throughout the summer as I learn more!