Most popular programming language?

by Grant Moe

Computer Science students often ask themselves which language is the most popular. It’s a simple question with a far-from-simple answer.

We ask which language is the most popular because they want to learn these subjects because where there are jobs. For most people, it makes very little sense to enter a field with knowledge about something that’s not in demand. Other times it’s more about programmers who are already skilled that want to get a feel for whether their current skills are relevant, or whether it’s time to look at other languages because shifts in popularity might mean it’s time to dig into a new language.


With my time here at Sundog I’ve been following common programming languages, and trying to learn the ones that make the most sense for the workforce – and what could be popular in the future.


Two languages have been really prominent for a while now. One of the languages being JavaScript for its front end capabilities and the other is Java for mostly backend and data management.

Java was taught at NDSU and I’m very comfortable programming with it. However,  I was very unfamiliar with Javascript for quite a while until I had the opportunity to develop some prototype software at Sundog.


This included using a JavaScript framework called phaser which specialized in web game creation. The other project was working with web page cookies and how to implement them in current software solutions and how they interact with secure sites and non-secure sites. (HTTP & HTTPS). Both projects gave me perspective on the power and usability that JavaScript can provide to a lot of different projects.


When I look back at the changes to the coding world in just this short amount of time, I’m truly amazed. In such a short period of time this many changes can be made to the way people interact with code and how I will develop in the future.