New Year, New…Me??

by Katelyn Brockhaus

2017 is here and in full swing!

The beginning of a new year is great! Why?
The Super Bowl is almost here, so why wouldn’t that be great?!?
College basketball games are on almost EVERY night!
The gym is so full you can’t breathe!
Wait. That last one isn’t so great. Hmm…

At the beginning of every new year, the gym is always much busier than usual but then returns to normal after a while. This usually has something to do with a very typical New Year’s resolution of “getting healthy.” But the term “getting healthy” is extremely broad and very general. With something as general and supposed to be life-changing as “getting healthy” you really need to figure out a few things you want to accomplish with it.

What is healthy to you?

  • Is it to lose fat or gain muscle?
  • Is it to run a 5K or even a marathon?
  • Is it to fit into the outfit you bought last summer but never wore?
  • Is it to eat more vegetables? (Yuck)

Whatever the reason, the biggest thing take away is: Do you have a realistic goal in mind?

Being healthy is a big picture goal, you want to set up mini goals to reach along the way so you know you are making progress and have something to look forward to.

These can be anything from going the gym once a week, cutting out super sugary foods, go on a walk with friends – literally anything! But you want to make sure you do something each week and continue to either add on something new or keep a routine. This kind of thinking doesn’t just work for “getting healthy” resolutions, it works for all of them!

Setting goals should start of small and work up to bigger things. I talked to a few fellow Sundoggers to learn about their plan of attack.

One fellow Sundogger’s resolution included setting weekly goals for things like reading and then check-ins at the end of the month. This is a smaller, achievable goal. Now, not every goal has to be that simple, but it should start somewhere and have mini-goals or achievements along the way so you know you are moving forward.

Another Sundogger doesn’t do resolutions, but instead starts the change when they notice that the “threshold reached a breaking point” and does a re-evaluation of the past year and how things can be different – i.e. spend more time on or spend less time doing.

Whether you choose to do New Year’s resolutions or not, always remember that setting goals are awesome! But they also take work and a little planning. The big picture goal is good but you also need to know some of the step till will take to make that big picture goal a reality.


Happy New Year Everyone!!!