Playing Catch-up

Well folks, as this year wraps up, I’m hoping to do the same with some of those projects that have been thrown on the back burner during my last month or so of craziness. This week I had to go back through old emails, notes and files to even remember where I had left off. So guess what that means for all you PMs out there—get ready for some more email harassment from me for case study info! These case studies are finally getting down, people. And it makes me way too excited to be making a dent in my extensive to-do list.

While the holiday gift is in the final stages before shipping, my part of it has really just begun. Remember all those recipes you all kindly submitted? Well it gave me a 47-page word document. Now, clearly that sort of content couldn’t all fit into a 20-page book. So what did we do with the extras, you ask? They’re going on Pinterest! That’s right, we’re sharing the Sundog way with the Pinterest world. (Crediting the recipes to each of you, of course.)

Another addition to our Pinterest page is our new “Sundog Spotlight” board. This board showcases our employees while linking to each of Dani’s blogs on our website. I’m curious to see whether this drives traffic to our website or not. On a related note, the appearance of our ugly sweater picture on MSN has not done a whole lot in regards to our followers. That day we did gain three followers, but repins remained at 32 and likes at six for that photo.

The Sundog Method Training is also something I find important to touch on. It was helpful to learn about other areas of Sundog and how they all work together since I haven’t been exposed to much of that process yet. I’m excited to snoop around and see the implementation of the method in the PSA. I wish I had something along that line introduced to me when I started. I often feel like I’m in my own little world with Heidi where we do internal things and minimal with clients. This method training has really helped me, as an intern, to get a better grasp of the overall circulation of a project.

This sure has been a busy week at Sundog. Brent’s talk at the Chamber luncheon engaged tweets before, during and after the event. It seems to have been quite the hit among Chamber members, business professionals and students in attendance. You are never too old to learn ways to improve or new ways of thinking—and that’s something Sundog values.

– Dani