Quiet Week at Sundog Interactive

It has been a quiet week around the Sundog offices for the 4th of July holiday week.  Many Sundoggers (myself included) have been out of the office for one or more days this week and has put many of our projects on pause until everyone returns back to the office starting next week.

This week and last, I learned how much planning and pre-planning really goes into preparing for a few days off.  I was nervous about my projects not being worked on for a few days and had a hard time accepting the fact that this silly middle-of-the-week holiday would likely throw a few projects off of their timelines.  Thankfully, not many of my projects are very time-sensitive, so I was able to plan to my best abilities and to communicate with resources when I found time out of the office.

As a Project Manager, I believe it is in our nature to plan, plan, and plan again.  I’ve learned that it is not only important to keep close track of your projects all of the time, but that it is particularly important to manage them when you will be out of the office as well.  As a Project Manager Intern, I am not 100% responsible for any projects yet, but I was sure to let the necessary people know that I was going to be out of town and how they could keep things moving while I was gone.

Because of the quiet and slower-paced week, the tail-end of my holiday week will be spent writing my guest blog for the InternQueen.com so stay tuned for the final post coming soon!