Shares, Likes, and the Intern

by Darby Fike

Do you have a Facebook and Snapchat account? Do you like getting likes on your social posts? Do you want the world to hear what you have to say? Then you might be a good person to manage a social media account!  While it’s more than uploading photos on Instagram, that’s  a good place to start.

I know because I was that person.

I knew about social media campaigns and was dangerous enough with all the major social media platforms, but I wanted to learn more. I chose to pursue an internship in digital media. Being the intern, I got the chance to learn a lot about the industry.

There is a difference between posting a selfie on your personal page then running a company’s social media accounts. There has to be campaign, a schedule, and branding guidelines to follow. Then the posts are up, likes are collected, and you move onto the next thing. Analytics is your next step. Analyzing what performed well and what kind of content had the highest reach can help you decide how to fix your next campaign to do better.

That is a day in the life of a social media manager in a nutshell. There are other things that I didn’t think would be included in the job. These things took me by surprise how much I do or deal with on a daily basis.

One of those things is writing content. Yes, it matters what you say. How you word a post can help it gain attention. Using unique, action-focused, attention-grabbing words help engage readers. Also, using hashtags let you enter into conversations that people are already talking about on certain platforms. Deciding what hashtags are right for your post can make or break how your post performs.

Another one is that creating quality content takes time. It’s nearly impossible to just sit down and create a week’s worth of social media posts in one hour. After coming up with a plan, you need a crafty caption and a graphic, photo, or video to go with it. There are no shortcuts to making great content, you just to spend the time to make great content to compete in the media world.

Keeping on top of new social media trends and researching how other businesses use social media takes up daily time. Whether it’s learning about Facebook Live or how to use Instagram Stories, knowing the social media trends helps your business stay one step ahead of your competitors. But it is also smart to know when a platform is not good for your business. Just because there is a trendy thing to do, doesn’t mean it will benefit your company.

Last, finding new, innovative ideas that engages your audiences isn’t as easy as you might think. Engaging your audience with new tactics while promoting your business can be difficult. Finding the right balance between posting to inform, to entertain, and promotions is the key.

There are things with every job that will surprise you, but you just have to figure out how to merge it into your routine. With an internship, you get a glimpse into what a job in that field will look like. This has allowed me to be better prepared for the future, and now I know a little bit more what to expect when I start career.


Until next time,

     Intern Darby