Snapchat Lenses Are Taking Over The World.

If you have been on Snapchat recently, you should have noticed a few new features. If you haven’t, you’re doing it wrong.

On September 15th, Snapchat was, “…thrilled to announce a whole new way to express yourself…” They are called “Lenses.” I’m really lost for words at the moment. These new features they gave us, are they necessary? Not at all. But they are totally awesome.

To access these new features, first update your Snapchat. That should be a given. Second, open Snapchat and switch your camera to selfie mode. You will now need to calculate your face with the camera. To do this, press down on your phone screen, where your face is and hold. Now, let’s play.

I have yet to find accurate names for these features, so bare with me while I name them.

Let’s start with the Wrinkly Face. Or as I like to call it, A Scary Glimpse into the Future. I’m totally fine sporting a monocle. But I need to remind myself wrinkles are just laugh lines.

I have no idea what to call this next one. Mustache Ride? Evil Villain? Crazy Eyes? Whichever one you’d like to refer to it as, her it is. Crazy white-eyes, on point mustache and big teeth. What more could you ask for?

How about In Love Eyes? Because that is what’s next.

Not in love? Perhaps you just watched Furious 7, and you’re still not over Paul Walker’s death. (This was me the other night.) Then this lens will fit your mood better.

This next one combines a little I, Robot, The Terminator and RoboCop. Whatever it’s trying to be similar to, one message is clear” “Danger.”

Sometimes things truly are rainbows and unicorns. Minus the unicorns, this lens offered some colorful, but weird, snaps.

We have reached the last lens. It scared the crap out of me when I first received one. But it’s also my favorite one to send in the middle of the night. (Sorry, to anyone I’ve sent this to.)

These lenses are pretty neato. But they don’t replace Snapchat’s Best Friends feature. How else are we supposed to know who’s “snapping” whom? Am I right, or am I right?

Stay snapping friends.


PS- I’m sorry if you do not have these lenses at your fingertips. I’ve noticed that my lens change every couple of days. Snapchat giveth and taketh away.