Summer Intern Project Update

I can’t believe we’re already one month in!

The past month has been full of learning for all three of us on the intern team. In case you weren’t aware, the interns have been put in charge of creating a recognizable image for the internship program in order to get applicants excited about what Sundog has to offer.

At this point, we’ve completed the initial meetings and brainstorms to get us started on developing our deliverable items, which will be:

1. Identity: Including a new program name and logo

2. Microsite: Containing the information about the internship program for potential applicants

3. Recruitment Guide/Social Recommendations: Suggestions for how to have people apply, when to be posting internship openings and how long to keep them open for

We have officially decided on a theme and a program title, and are now in the process of developing a variety of logos that will become the new face of the internship program. Our focus this week has been to create logo designs to really solidify the look and feel of the program before diving into the design and development of the microsite.

During this first month, we’ve had a lot of learning moments about working as a team and especially adapting to changes. People get sick, timelines shift and things don’t always go as planned. For all of these things, agility is key, and we’re adjusting quickly!

Keep checking back for updates from Emily, Matt and myself as we go along!