“The Price of Greatness is Responsibility.” – Winston Churchill

by McKenzie Klatt

A “rock” is a term we use here at Sundog that has the same meaning as a goal. A rock I set for myself this quarter was to gain more responsibility within the company. I personally wanted to gain more responsibility in my role because I like to challenge myself each day. As an intern, I am constantly learning and being exposed to new terms, tools, and processes of doing my job. As I gain more responsibility, I am able to evolve as a professional individual and expand my capabilities which gives me the power for success in the future.

If I wanted to gain more responsibility in the company I knew I had to prove to myself and others that I would be able to handle it. The best thing I could do to prove myself, was to bring new ideas to meetings with my team and with my mentors. I have been actively engaging myself in my favorite class at North Dakota State University, CRM and Sales Technology. This class is an introduction to the principles of customer relationship management, sales automation, and the use of different technologies in professional sales. When I began this class, I realized there was a large amount of information in this course that ties back to the work I am doing at Sundog. I work within our companies PSA, Salesforce, each day and within my course we learn the ins and outs of this CRM tool. By absorbing the information I learn in my university course and bringing back the ideas I have to the office and executing them, it proves to myself and my mentors that I am able to take on more challenging projects.

Recently, I have been challenged by gaining new tasks on my Kanban board. For those of you who don’t know, a Kanban board is a visual representation of work that needs to be done within a business laid out by the organization of “cards” or “tasks” that one can sort into columns based on stages of progress. Below is a snapshot of my current Kanban board.

Marketing Research and Intelligence Intern Kanban

I have been given the challenge of more work with set deadlines. Personally, I love a deadline because it challenges me to complete a card on my board to acquire more projects in the future. In the past few weeks, I have had the chance to partner on projects with Sundog’s Client Acquisition Team. These projects allow me to use my skills and knowledge to navigate through Salesforce and DiscoverOrg. My goal has been to research and gain access of Salesforce Account Executives, Regional Vice Presidents, and Area Vice Presidents emails. Once I am able to obtain this information I then organize the contacts hierarchy in our PSA as well as connect our Salesforce channel contacts to an account we want to do business with in the future or are currently in contact with on a project.

My job and title is ultimately research. The challenge of puzzle-piecing information that I gather on a contact, account or business opportunity gives me a lot of excitement mainly when everything starts to come together and when I can drag my Kanban board card from “In Progress” to “Ready for Internal Review” to finally “Done.”

Winston Churchill

The responsibility I have had with the projects I have worked on at Sundog, including the recent ones I have been working on with the Client Acquisition team, has given me the sense of accomplishment or “greatness” as mentioned in the title of this blog, a quote from Winston Churchill. The more I learn and discover makes me excited for what’s to come in the future. So to answer the question if I have met my “rock” here at Sundog; yes, I believe I have to an extent. I realize there are always responsibilities and skills to gain in the future for anyone. Personally, I see myself getting to that point and beyond.

Marketing Research and Intelligence Intern

McKenzie Klatt