Thinking Outside of the Box

by Lauren Arnold

Part of my job as the Social Media Intern at Sundog is to come up with creative ideas to increase engagement on our social media channels. This is one of my favorite parts of my job as it challenges me to think “outside of the box.” During my time at Sundog, I have written countless tweets, taken numerous snapshots and have spent far too much time brainstorming captions than I’d care to admit. Although all of these projects have been both enjoyable and beneficial for me as an intern, I can think of two projects that have stood above the rest. I would like two share the following projects and how they have impacted my experience at Sundog.

Humans Of Sundog

I’m sure you have heard of Humans of New York, the social media campaign that explored the real lives and experiences that make up “the greatest city in the world.” People are hard-wired to learn from stories, and I believe that when people hear personal accounts about others, regardless of their own experiences and beliefs, they can form strong connections and greater empathy with others.

At Sundog, the culture is real. The people are inspiring, and the stories are impactful. I decided to start “Humans of Sundog” to explore and celebrate the different people, voices, and stories that make up our one-of-a-kind culture. I have only been working on this campaign for two months, but during this time I have been inspired by an Emmy Award-winning director, a brilliant web engineer and his best fur pal Auggie, a recent college grad with big goals, and a thoughtful writer who brings her kind smile and generosity with her wherever she goes. This experience has taught me that you can learn incredible things about your co-workers when you explore their experiences and stories.

Creating Internship Videos

When I first started at Sundog, the other interns and I were strangers. Now, I can say that we have formed a life-long friendship out of our shared experiences. I love spending time learning from the other two interns, so I jumped at the opportunity to create promotional internship videos to inspire future Interns on why the Sundog experience is “out of this world.”

When I started thinking of ways to produced this video, I wanted to highlight the experiences of each intern in their specific roles. It then hit me, why not make multiple videos of Sundog’s interns? I decided to produce a 30-second video for each intern, where each person would have a unique opportunity to tell their experience.

Because we all are extremely passionate about our experiences at Sundog, it was easy for us to promote this incredible organization. We described our first thoughts of Sundog, moments of collaboration, and our most memorable experiences. We all had so much to say, that it was hard to condense it into a 2-minute video.

What’s Next?

I have enjoyed working on both of these projects because they have helped get me out of a creative rut. It’s easy to get bogged down and frustrated, especially when it comes to content creation, but what I am beginning to learn is that there are countless ways to think “outside of the box” and come up with new and unique ideas to connect people.

Until next time,

Intern Lauren